About Us

Step into our world at The Fitness Outlet – a place where passion and fitness unite to transform lives and fitness spaces.

In '93, two high school friends shared a vision: making waves in the fitness world. Fueled by passion and armed with a small but mighty investment, they bid farewell to their jobs and laid the groundwork for what ultimately became The Fitness Outlet.

Our journey took us from Los Angeles to Sacramento, where our fitness business journey began.

Picture our beginnings – selling fitness gear from the living room of a small rental home. That commitment to excellence? It was the driving force behind our growth. Fast forward a year, and our inaugural storefront, a snug 900 sq ft spot in Sacramento opened.

Today, The Fitness Outlet proudly stands tall, with five thriving locations in California and Washington. Why? Because we're on a mission. A mission to elevate fitness experiences in every nook and cranny. Enter our dedicated commercial fitness equipment division – our pride and joy. We're not just about personal fitness; we're about fostering healthier communities in multi-housing, corporate wellness, police/fire stations, schools, and hotels/motels to name a few.

And in this digital age, we've evolved once again. The Fitness Outlet E-commerce Division – your go-to spot for top-notch fitness gear online. We're not just in the industry; we're at the forefront, turning heads as one of the premier e-commerce sites.

The secret sauce to our success? A commitment to excellence that runs deep. We've got the finest fitness equipment from tried-and-true manufacturers, all at prices that keep things real. Our product lines are streamlined, our marketing strategy is straightforward, and our team? A bunch of fitness enthusiasts ready to guide you to exercise equipment perfection tailored to your lifestyle.

But it's not just about fitness equipment – it's about your journey. Feel the difference as you explore our offerings. Whether you're diving into our online realm or stepping into our stores, you're stepping into a community passionate about making fitness not just a routine but an enjoyable, transformative experience.

Join us at The Fitness Outlet – where our passion fuels your fitness aspirations. And hey, those awards we've won? They're not just accolades; they're proof that we're dedicated to being one of the nation's top retailers of fitness equipment.

Let's embark on this transformative journey together towards a healthier, happier you or a well-thought-out fitness room that exceeds your expectations but not your budget. Because at The Fitness Outlet, we're not just selling fitness equipment; we're building connections and making lives better – one room and one workout at a time.