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Pool Workouts

August 29th 2017

Now that the heat is on this summer, adding pool workouts to your regimen can be a great way to keep cool while enjoying something different. Not only does the water feel good, but it’s easier on t … read more

High-Intensity, Low-Impact Workouts

Posted by Julie King on June 15th 2017

Ultra-intense workouts have been popular over the past several years, from CrossFit to boot camps to HIIT. Even yoga now has power and hot versions for greater intensity. While these workouts are c … read more


Posted by Kate O'Leary on November 6th 2016

Fall is in full swing, and falling leaves and colorful paths create whole new world to run in. For a top-tier cardio experience, we recommend the natural surroundings, improved surfaces and perform … read more

Healthy Tips to Burn Belly Fat

September 9th 2016

We all have, at some time or another, decided to make our way down the path of exercising but seem to hit a block when it comes to really targeting the tummy area. At times it seems like all the c … read more